Mask wearing during the COVID-19 pandemic

What NOT to do while wearing a mask during the COVID-19 pandemic


As a pediatric dentist, I am familiar with wearing a mask. Our governor has mandated that we wear a mask when out in public when the ability to maintain our social distance is challenged. I agree with this recommendation 100%. What causes me concern is the potential problem I am seeing time and time again: a problem that people may not realize. I am seeing people in their cars, with their masks resting on their chin or neck. This is a mistake. Our chin or neck may be exposed to an environment where there may be the possibility of viral exposure. These viral particles can, therefore, be invisibly present on our skin. If we rest the mask on our chin or neck, the viral particles can be transferred to the inner surface of the mask, and if we reuse the mask and place it back over our mouth and nose, we are giving the virus access into our bodies. Instead, if we are done using the mask, take it off completely, with clean fingers if possible. If our hands are not clean, try not to touch the face-side of the mask with potentially germ-filled fingers, especially if we are reusing our masks. Just a little FYI to keep us all safe. After all, we are all in this together!

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